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Re: some "Lost 45s"...

I imagine some PD's would be afraid to air it....fear of someone writing
down WOLD in an arbitron diary!

I remember Dale playing the song...and instead of announcing it as
W-O-L-D...he said "That's Harry Chapin and "wold"" (pronouncing it as a
word).  I remember seeing the 45 in a record store before I knew the song
wondering what song this "wold" was....

When Harry would do a concert in a town with a radio station
sponsorship...he would sing the final verse with the stations call letters.
Most memrable was when the last verse he sang in Providence was "I am the
morning DJ at W-P-R-O-o-o-o!"

The crowd cheered!


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> I played "WOLD" on my blues show during my "20th
> anniversary as a DJ" show in March (yup, NOT blues,
> but half the show that week wasn't blues as it was
> a "special"), and fortunately WMWM had a vinyl copy
> of the album it was from, "Short Stories".
> > > --Harry Chapin, "WOLD".  done that  enjoyed
> > playing it 'though I only had
> > > the live version at my disposal.
> Re: "Eres Tu":
> One of a few foreign language songs to hit the charts;
> "Sukiyaki" was another (early 60s). And remember
> "99 Luft Ballons", the original German version of
> Nena's "99 Red Balloons"? I can't remember which
> version was the "hit" (maybe the English-language
> one) but the German version seemed a bit more
> uptempo and "rockin'"...
> "Patches" by Clarence Carter is how Howie Carr thought
> up his nickname for Ted Kennedy's son Patrick
> (U.S. Senate, RI)..."Patches, I'm dependin' on you
> son, to pull the family through..."
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