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Re: WLAM is OFF THE AIR according to.....

On 30 May 2001, at 13:01, Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> I'm confused.
> Anyway, I remember when I was in Portland in 1998, a couple up there
> told me that WPOR was moving out of that building (when I was in that
> parking lot I peeked through the window and didn't see ANYONE).  Tandy
> (1/2 of the couple) said something about an obstetrician or a women's
> medical center moving in that building.  She said that her doctor was
> also going in there.  Anyway....I don't remember. 
> What is IN that building nowadays? :)

At present...nada, nil, nothing.  WPOR (FM) moved to their new 
studios at 420 Western Ave quite awhile ago.  WBAE, the former WPOR 
(AM) exists in the building as well.
So, we are all one big happy family.  WGAN, WZAN, WMGX, WYNZ, WPOR, 
and WBAE...all under one roof.     :)

Dan Cole
WGAN News (and caretaker of the back door for those who forget the