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Re: WLAM is OFF THE AIR according to.....

The WBAE tower is located behind the former WPOR building on Baxter
Boulevard in Portland (right near Forest Avenue and the University of
Southern Maine).  You can see the tower when driving through Portland on
I-295.  The tower is right near the south bound lane.  It's not in downtown
Portland or on the waterfront, but it's nearby.  I'm not sure how long the
1490 tower has been in it's current location.  I think WPOR moved it's
studios to that location in the early 1980's, but the tower may have been
there before that.

The tower is near the edge of Back Cove in Portland so that probably helps
the signal.  The area where the tower is located was under water until the
late 1700's when it was filled.  I don't know if being on filled land makes
a difference or not.

The WBAE tower was recently in the news.  A homeless man was found dead in
the parking lit near the tower a few weeks ago and all the news stories
showed the tower in the TV pictures.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine