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Re: Herald: WFNX changes its sound, focus

I agree with Shawn and Norm.  While the alternative genre may have become
harder-edged recently, it was FNX's decision to add those artists.  The
softer alternative artists are still out there -- and still getting airplay,
though mostly on AAA stations and more eclectic alternative stations such as
WOXY/97X in Cincinnati, as well as stations choosing not to take the
"extreme alternative" route like WNNX/99X in Atlanta.

FNX's decision to exclude them and become an "extreme alternative" station
was premeditated and conscious, and I'm sure was heavily influenced by the
addition of former WAAF GM Bruce Mittman as a consultant (who recently was
appointed to the position of president of the FNX Radio Network).  As a
friend of mine pointed out, Mittman appears to be trying to level the
playing field between FNX and AAF so that he can do battle against his
former employer -- FNX has added active rock artists such as Metallica that
they never would have played before (although they are regulars on AAF), and
the recent addition of former AAF afternoon sidekick Birdsey to FNX's PM
drive slot speaks for itself.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Howard Stern or his style of shock-schlock
radio either, so I'm rather turned off by the DJs on all three stations,
though I must admit that BCN's playlist as of late has been getting better
in terms of variety, increased number of recurrents and less harder-edged

FNX used to (and sometimes still does) poke fun at BCN and AAF by calling
them "corporate," but what's the use in being independently owned and
labeling yourself a unique station if you sound just like your corporately
owned competitors who have better signals?