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Re: Herald: WFNX changes its sound, focus

The music may have changed (and indeed, it has changed more than a
few times over the years, and it's gone from "harder" to "softer"
and vice versa more than once), but the station has too.

You now have drive-time jocks like "Jaxon and the Pharmacist" in
the mornings, and "Storm Zbel" later in the day, much of whose
schtick is definitely inspired by the likes of Howard Stern.  The
jocks in question just joined the station within the last couple
of years, too, so there's no question that it's a deliberate change
of style on the part of the station.

I still listen to FNX from time to time, but not with the same
enthusiasm as I used to have.

Interesting that the article did mention the college stations,
and there's definitely a lot of reaction at that level against
what FNX and BCN are doing these days.  Then again, it's always
been like that...

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu