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Re: Herald: WFNX changes its sound, focus

Haven't really listened to WFNX in years, other than
maybe a quick listen to part of "Leftover Lunch".
I was a news intern at 'FNX in late '83 and can tell
you Henry Santoro, then in news, was great to work
with...And I know Angie C. since years ago she was
at WMWM (as was Chris Kennedy).

'FNX is simulcasting in southern NH; Portland, ME,
and Providence... not sure how well the "extreme
alternative" would work in those areas. For the
record, the Phoenix recently discontinued publishing
an edition in Worcester, and it was felt that maybe
their politics and image was a bit too far to the
left for that working-class, maybe more-conservative
area. Thus we probably wouldn't expect the "'FNX
radio network" to expand into Worcester anytime soon.

I wouldn't mind a station that would blend lesser
known rock artists (but not TOO hard-rockin'),
folk-pop, blues, jazz, reggae, etc. A good variety...
I've been sent tapes of WAPS (Akron Public Schools)
in Akron, OH which has such a sound during the
week (and specialty shows on weekends like folk,
bluegrass, Irish, blues). An "alternative station"
for people like me who don't wear tongue rings or
attend Korn concerts would be nice, thank you :)

--Bob Nelson (now "Jack Benny's age";
too old to rock 'n' roll, too young to die :))

--- Norm Rosen <inorm99@earthlink.net> wrote:
> The story in the Herald was a great story.
> FNX is now a " mainstream station" is really the
> crux of the story.
> The great music may still be in their library, and
> most of the talent is
> still employed by Phoenix Media,
> in the case of Henry Santoro, and Angie C. their
> talent is now in the
> background, instead of where it belongs;
> In the foreground.

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