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Re: Herald: WFNX changes its sound, focus

The story in the Herald was a great story.
FNX is now a " mainstream station" is really the crux of the story.
What will probably come out of the changes are a slight ratings increase
in the Boston Market, ( Not the Restaurant) maybe.

Those of us that have listened to WFNX for the past ten years have
nothing less than a radical format change.

They WERE an impressive  unique alternative station.
Now they are an ordinary Active Rock station.
No, the station hasn't shifted, they still are in Lynn. lol

The great music may still be in their library, and most of the talent is
still employed by Phoenix Media,
in the case of Henry Santoro, and Angie C. their talent is now in the
background, instead of where it belongs;
In the foreground.

One of their mottoes is:  " Redefining Alternative music"

No, I think it should be " Redefining  WFNX"

"Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote:

> WFNX is rocking harder these days and turning off fans
> of synth-pop or softer alternative music. An
> article in yesterday's Herald pointed out that the
> station is trying to reach a powerful consumer group
> of "angry, adolescent males" (14-22) and they feel
> that "the station hasn't shifted but music has".
> http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/television/wfnx05282001.htm
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