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WBNW in Lowell? & Ron G. Comes home to Lowell/Boston this week.

I'll let you know how it comes in when I get to Lowell this Friday. My ship
is coming to Charlestown Navy Yard Historic Park, right behind the USS
Constitution. We will be hosting tours, I believe the tours are on Saturday,
Sunday and Monday.  I'm not positive yet, but maybe we'll be open Friday
afternoon as well. 

The USS Doyle in the recent past during a Caribbean/Eastern Pacific counter
drug deployment siezed over 6 tons of pure cocaine and also for apprehending
other drug runners wanted by the US Marshalls/DEA, etc. I have some of the
photos with me on this trip to Boston/Lowell.

Hope I can meet the list members that can make it out to Gary's Ice Cream
during his WCAP 980 Sock Hop remote Satuday Night. Regrettably I couldn't
make it up for the get together he hosted last year...

Take Care

Ron Gitschier

e-mail wyhi_1570am@hotmail.com
or wgsr1570@alltel.net
(978-970-1156, 453-6907)

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> I don't think WBNW covers Lowell. Remember that 1110 in Salem NH is quite
> close by and WBNW's day pattern has a deep null to the north to protect
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