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Re: Herald: WFNX changes its sound, focus

On Tuesday, May 29, 2001, at 01:07 PM, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:

> WFNX is rocking harder these days and turning off fans
> of synth-pop or softer alternative music. An
> article in yesterday's Herald pointed out that the
> station is trying to reach a powerful consumer group
> of "angry, adolescent males" (14-22) and they feel
> that "the station hasn't shifted but music has".
> http://www.bostonherald.com/entertainment/television/wfnx05282001.htm

This is an excellent article, much more factual and informative than 
most in the mainstream press.

The feelings of most of the people they quoted explain exactly why I 
stop less and less frequently at 92.1 (I listen to WFEX Peterborough):  
there's less variety than before.  A few years ago, when WFNX started 
playing more and more songs that sounded more or less alike, WBUR 
Providence was still playing a good variety of styles.  But now, both 
stations play the "angry testosterone" stuff and I'm stuck listening to 
WXRV Haverhill (a good station, too limited in their sound, but still 
capable of quite a few "oh wow" reactions to some of their songs).  Or, 
during the last part of my commute, I can listen to two of the 
refreshing AAA stations from out west:  WRNX Amherst or WRSI Turners 

It's too bad about WFNX but I guess they don't care to attract anyone 
past their mid-20s.  With WBCN Boston and WAAF Worcester already 
catering to this crowd, you'd figure they'd go for a different audience, 
but what we're left with are three stations that sound almost alike.  
What a waste.