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Fwd: RE: Pohistorynow.com on clear channels

 You are correct sir.  I wasn't able to retrieve it using a number 
of search criteria.  It disappeared into the ether
(now a discredited theory);
Once in a while, when I copy a complete URL with all its 
&///@#and- gibberish, then try it on google.com, I can't get
it to work and then I forget about submitting it.  An item in the
LA Times last week about NPR fund-raising had two different URL's
depending on how I arrived there, but neither worked as direct links.

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I went to the URL you included below and searched for "clear channel". No
luck turning up ther article to which you alluded. In the future, how about
_deep_ URLs to articles you cite?


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Subject: Pohistorynow.com on clear channels

>This week's edition of www.pophistorynow.com documents the
>FCC's decision 20 years ago to allow stations around the country
>to operate on the formerly clear channels.

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