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RE: Pohistorynow.com on clear channels

WBZ, 38 states? Sure, I'd even say 50 states using a communications reciever
and special antenna... 

With KTWO Casper, Wyoming off for transmitter maintenance, WBZ came in
fairly well, in stereo, in Burns Junction, Oregon about 2 AM Mountain time.
Sony XRA39R car AMst FMst cass receiver. Fulsom, CA - San Louis Obispo, CA -
and Shelton, WA were in operation on night power and weren't a factor...
This was a few years ago and I promptly phoned Bob Raliegh... we chatted on
the line a bit catching me up on current affairs back home there in
Lowell/Metro Boston (I was stationed at Naval Submarine Base Bangor
[Bremerton], Washington at the time). Got a WBZ pen for it as the wife
listened in the car. Wife accidently vacuumed the same pen... Bob was
gracious enough to send another. Hey, that's my story, and I'm sticking to
it. During the late night road trip in no man's land I logged many to most
of the Chicago clear channel stations that night and thought 'what the hey,
try for the hometown powerhouse'... and got it. 

Sure, 49 tries out of 50 I'm sure I wouldn't get WBZ there again with
ordinary equipment. The way the FCC shoe-horned so many stations on the band
sure take some of the fun out of surfing the AM Clears.

Ron Gitschier
QSL Mgr/Host WGSR 1570 (A Mexican Clear Channel with a weakened dominant
XERF) Fernandina Beach, FL
Jacksonville, FL
(and soon, Lowell, MA)
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> From:	Laurence Glavin [SMTP:lglavin@lycos.com]
> Sent:	Sunday, May 27, 2001 1:57 PM
> Subject:	Pohistorynow.com on clear channels
> This week's edition of www.pophistorynow.com documents the 
> FCC's decision 20 years ago to allow stations around the country
> to operate on the formerly clear channels.  One of the stations
> listed of course is WBZ-AM.  The talk show hosts on that outlet
> continue to claim that the station reaches 38 states (have you 
> noticed that OTHER former clears also claim 38 states, even the
> mid-western ones);  but there's a phalanx of stations operating at
> night on 1030 <snip> 
> Time for some truth in advertising (20 or so states plus La Canade
> so maybe they should occasionally give the calls as WB-Zed).
> Laurence Glavin