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Pohistorynow.com on clear channels

This week's edition of www.pophistorynow.com documents the 
FCC's decision 20 years ago to allow stations around the country
to operate on the formerly clear channels.  One of the stations
listed of course is WBZ-AM.  The talk show hosts on that outlet
continue to claim that the station reaches 38 states (have you 
noticed that OTHER former clears also claim 38 states, even the
mid-western ones);  but there's a phalanx of stations operating at
night on 1030 from David Brudnoy's home town of St. Paul, MN
thru Memphis and Alabamer effectively jamming the Hull, MA-based
signal from reaching the west (where there's also a 1030 in Casper, WY.
Time for some truth in advertising (20 or so states plus La Canade
so maybe they should occasionally give the calls as WB-Zed).

Laurence Glavin

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