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Fwd: RE: Arbitrends for Boston Up

Timely stuff because I'm in a lather about yet ANOTHER rate increase
for AT&T Cable for "free" NESN.   I annually spend hundreds of
$$$$$$$ on attractions in the City of Boston, but since entering
BROONS OR KELTS.  Now, unless somebody intervenes, there will be 
a direct dollar-and-cent connection between my Cable bill and one
channel.  Over the years, from Continental, MediaOne and AT&T,
they would incrementally increase the rates and do so by strange
additions to the channel lineup: the Golf Channel, Romance Channel,
Home und Garten, Speedovision etc.  But this is really hard to 
swallow, and I told BillO from VT so while he was memory-laning
on WCAP today.  The JIBGUY is not alone in being an otherwise
functional XY-chromosomer who is oblivious to the alleged draw of
spectator sports, and the decline in WNNZ-AM's numbers when they
flipped to all-sports is indicative  of that (not to mention the
traditional 0.0 WNRB/WWZN has pulled).  Have you ever noticed that 
when high-profile sporting events have been on major broadcast channels,
the ratings may be high, even the share may be in the 40s...this 
means a MAJORITY of viewers have chosen something else to watch, and
not just now in the 500-channel universe. More than decade ago when one of
the traditional broadcast nets (ABC or NBC I forget which) broadcast 
a weeknight Red Flop-Yangtse game before the former had been 
mathematically eliminated,  and the choices were 2, 4, 5, 7, 25, 38,
44 and 56 plus limited cable in far fewer homes, it still drew less 
than a majority of viewers.  If the Stupor Bowl were on from 
8:00 pm to 11:00 instead of 6:10, and a few major outlets put on
competitive fare, the numbers weould probably be lower (I 
believe they HAVE been declining anyway).  One question: why
haven't "executives" from AT&T Narrowmindband been on the talk shows
to defend this move?  Maybe after he interviews Sumner Bigstones, 
David Brudnoy could have this as his subject.

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DATE: Thu, 24 May 2001 19:50:09
From: "Adam Rivers" <adamrivers@prodigy.net>
To: <lglavin@lycos.com>

Well I got some news from the Springfield ratings...

Since WNNZ-AM changed from Talk to Sports, their ratings have steadily

winter '00	3.8
spring '00	2.4
summer '00 	3.3
fall '00		3.4
Winter =01 (when the change over happened) 	1.5
Spring						1.1

im suprised, because I personally listen to WNNZ-AM now a lot, (because of
their switch to Sports) and I know many people that do. I wonder why ratings
are down so much.

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