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Casco Bay Weekly pints out WMTW's Campbell's conflict

The link below will take you to a column in this week's Casco Bay Weekly 
which discusses the many conflicts of interest of WMTW talk show host George 
Campbell.  The story points out that in just a few weeks on the air, Campbell 
has discussed people and issues with which he has a business relationship 
without disclosing his conflicts to the listeners.


Interesting to note that WGAN's Jim Crocker was quoted in the story.  He said 
he didn't see any problem with Campbell's role on WMTW.  Got to give Jim 
credit for not knocking the competition.  If I was Jim, I would have 
responded by saying that at WGAN, the listeners don't have to wonder if the 
host's opinions are effected by who's paying them.  From all my years in 
politics, I couldn't have resisted taking a jab at the opposition.

Oh yeah, since I'm discussing conflicts, I should probably point out that I 
work part-time for Oldies 100.9 (WYNZ), which is owned by the same company, 
and located in the same building as, WGAN.  Also, about eight year's back, I 
produced the morning show on WGAN, during Jim's first tenure at the station.  
For the record: No one has ever accused me of being a company man (Chuck Igo 
can vouch for me on that) and Saga doesn't pay me nearly enough to effect my 
opinion on anything.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine