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RE: air personality names.

Why I ever picked mine, I'll never know....

Rocky W. Shore on Island Radio 15 - 70, WYHI...

I think I already said this. Rocky Shore, memories of drives up 1A in NH....
I'm a New Englander. Ok.... W. for added measure like Robert W. Morgan, and
other middle named Dub-yahs out there. 

Ron Gitschier (g-"itchy-ear") didn't seem to be something I thought would
catch fire...

Ron G. They usually call me "Gitch"...

At Sea, off of FL. No Shores, rocky or sandy in sight. (Sandy - my wife's

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Subject: Re: air personality names.

Mark Watson and Roger Kirk mentioned air personalities names:

To avoid a "business conflict of interest," I used the name
"Howard Johnson" on WKBK in Keene, NH and "Peter Panne"
for the "Peter Panne Platter Party" in the 1970's.  Ah, those were
the good years spinning those little 45's!