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Re: air personality names.

On 15 May 2001,  Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> << Yes, but he also used an on-air name.  He was on in the morning as Mel 
> Miller and in the afternoon as Melvin X. Melvin. >>
> Wouldn't the audience have noticed the similar voice when he pulled double-duty? 

Well, I didn't.  I didn't know they were the same person until he appeared 
on the WROR Rock & Roll Revival Weekend in March 1985.  I think he used a 
bit more echo as Mel Miller, so as to disguise his voice a little.  The 
morning show (Mel Miller) was called the "Housewives' Hit Parade," and the 
afternoon show (Melvin X. Melvin) was the "Gold Platter Show."

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