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WJIB's recent signal problems

Hi Bob,

While we have you... I don't know if this subject was brought up a few
months back, but for most of the winter and early spring, your station's
daytime signal up this way (about 35 miles WNW of the transmitter) was
much weaker than usual. I estimate the ERP was about 50 watts rather
than 250, and LTAR was quite difficult to hear (WGSM was quite readable
just below you). Then, a few Friday's ago while in the car, I noticed
the signal was finally back to normal strength, and it has been ever

Were you having transmitter problems that took some time to correct?
Just curious. 

Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
> Hello Folks-
>     I forgot to mention in my last post about the interference issue, that
> stations must correct any problems in the first year IF such problems fall
> within the station's 1000 mv/m (one thousand millivolt-per-meter) signal
> range.   In which case, I'm sure Sean's parents' home is not within.
>     The 1000 mv/m (a.k.a  1v/m) signal range for 1510 is about a mile or more
> in each direction.  Lower-powered stations such as WJIB-740 have a shorter
> distance. WJIB's goes about 3 city blocks.
>     BTW,  740 has never rec'd a complaint of such in the 10 years I've had
> it.  And no wonder, since the daytime power here is the equivalent of the
> bursting and billowing forth of 250,000 simulataneous butterfly sneezes.
>     1510 IS the most well-known interference-causer in the Boston area.
> Much of WBZ's 1v/m range is over water.   WRKO & WEEI come in second and
> third for interference.
> ----jibguy
> In a message dated 5/11/01 7:04:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> hopfgapr@sprynet.com writes:
> << You mention 1510...When I lived in Watertown near the Cushing Sq/Belmont
> area, 1510 came through on my phone fairly strong (I think this was during
> their WMRE period), and I think I was at least 5 miles from the tower site.
> Was/is 1510 the worst culprit  in the Boston area?
>   >>

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