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Re: air personality names.

Gnarfnagul wrote:
<<...even wrote a complaint to our GM...who fell over 
backwards from laughing so hard.  
The guy kept calling me wanting to know why I was 
ashamed of my real name...>>


    had the same thing happen with a listener of then-
WBCS.  a woman had written and called to complain to
Harry "Bud" Nelson (aka Fred Goatman) as to how i was
constantly mispronouncing my own name.  i never got to
hear the infamous voice message, but i understand that
a good laugh was had by all.  me?  i'm still puzzled as
to "why" it matters to any listener how our names are
either derived or used.

- -Chuck Igo
(first on-air name: Erie Lackawanna)