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Re: air personality names.

Years ago, WMWM had a DJ (who stuck around for 10 
years) named Scott Merrill Mezansky. He went by
"Scott Merrill". Another "last name dropper" is
(as I understand it) a certain weatherman named
Harvey Leonard Moscowitz.

Some celebs or radio/TV personalities have done
similar things (dropping parts of their names):

Thomas Cruise Mapother (Tom Cruise)
George Ivan Morrison (Van Morrison)
James Severino (Jay Severin)
James Paul McCartney (you know his name, look
up the number :) )

For the record, my name is Robert P. Nelson and I do
go by "Bob Nelson" on the air, even though there are
other Bob Nelsons out there, including:

--the guy in Texas with the "call letter meanings"

--a comedian who appeared on Rodney Dangerfield TV
specials and in the movie "Brain Donors"

--blues singer Chicago Bob Nelson

And since we're into "the name's the same", how about
the fact that there's a British-born talk show host
named Michael Jackson...I think the CEO of
Westinghouse/CBS is Michael Jordan...and (well, at
least it SOUNDS alike), doesn't Kiss-108 have a
DJ named Ed McMann (sounds like a certain Tonight
show sidekick who hailed from Lowell :)

And in fictional terms, we all know that Dr. 
Johnny Fever of "WKRP" fame is really named
John Caravella...

--- gff@mediaone.net wrote:
> I've always used my first and middle names on most
> stations - Gary Francis
> (I drop the Frascarelli part).

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