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Re: air personality names.

I've always used my first and middle names on most stations - Gary Francis
(I drop the Frascarelli part).

The only time I used Gary Frascarelli was on "JIB" because the name flowed
with the format..
"...it's 4:17...this is Gary Frascarelli with beautiful music on JIB - W J I
B - FM Ninety Seven"

When I was at WOTW in Nashua (1972 & 73) I was doing morning drive on AM as
Gary Francis (solid gold format) but got stuck on Saturday nights on the FM
side doing all request country. Now I HATE country (or at least the twangy,
hillbilly stuff of those days) and didn't want to be associated with
it....so....I stole a name I had heard a demo jingle for....and became
"your country cuzzin...B Mason Dean....on double-yah, O - T - double-yah

-gary francis