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Re: air personality names.

>Russ wrote--
>To avoid a "business conflict of interest," I used the name
>"Howard Johnson" on WKBK in Keene, NH and "Peter Panne"
>for the "Peter Panne Platter Party" in the 1970's.  Ah, those were
>the good years spinning those little 45's!

While "house names" (remember all the Dan Donovans and Johnny Darks?) were 
common, as well as radio names (Jefferson Kaye was really Jeff Kinski, if I 
recall correctly), what about the announcers who used their real name on 
the air?  I was very  much influenced by Arnie Ginsburg when I was growing 
up, because he was one of the few announcers to have an ethnic-sounding 
name.  By the way, I am told that Mel Miller from the old WMEX really *is* 
named Mel Miller... and Fred B. Cole from the old WHDH is really named Fred 
B. Cole.  But my recollection from childhood is that most of the announcers 
had "radio names."