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Re: air personality names.

   Roger Kirk wrote:
> Let us not forget one of the ORIGINALS:
> Salty Brine

    Two of my favorite air names from two of my favorite stations:

    Rusty Pots on WLNG (92.1) Sag Harbor NY

    Ducky Drake on WIRY (1340 ) Plattsburgh NY

  And from the past, more interesting air names, from WLLH (Lowell/

   Ben Franklin (1975-76) a/k/a Eric Marenghi (sp?)  and J. C. (1966-90)
a/k/a Jim Camilli , who BTW worked with NECN/ former WCVB news anchor Chet
Curtis at WCSS in Amsterdam NY in the early 50's.( That was Chet's first
broadcast job). Camilli used his real name in Amsterdam, as did
urtis.( Don't ask me how to spell Chet's real last name). Later, Camilli
worked at WPTR Albany NY and WFEA Manchester NH before his 24 year stint
hosting "J.C's Golden Oldies" on WLLH. Curtis made it to TV as most of us
know, working at both the WHDH Channel 5 and WCVB Channel 5.

   Mark Watson