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Last week, May 6th to be exact, I made note of the
fact that Washington DC's WGMS-FM was the latest 
station to drop the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts.  At
the conclusion of this prescient missive, I said that
since DC is a media center, this act should get some
national attention.  Syndicated columnist Mary McGrory
weighed in (and when she weighs in she really 
WEIGHS IN) last weekend in a column nobody read last
Saturday in the Globe, but available at washingtonpost.com or more easily at drudgereport.com.
It was an odd column about the gazillionaire Tito 
up on the space station, mentioning that he liked to 
listen to opera.  This statement occasioned an 
obiter dictum (a little Latin lingo) that WGMS,
which she referred to as "a so-called good music station"
had dropped the opera broadcasts.  I predict that 
since WGMS made this move early in the year, it 
will occasion more media play outside of the DC market.
Watch for George Will and maybe the Wall Street 
Journal and/or the New york times to have a say.
I sent an e-mail to Charles Osgood suggesting it as 
a topic for CBS Sunday Morning.

Laurence Glavin


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