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Re: Re: First time on the air

I made it on Channel 5 (WCVB) at age 19 in 1977 when they were doing a lottery game show every evening at (taped at 3PM) 5:30PM. There were 6 contestants vying for a big $1000 (seemed like a lot back then) and I finished second, just missing the $1K.

I was more recently on Channel 68 during it's WABU days (1996 to be specific) when they were doing a NH Presidential Primary series (with the Boston Globe as co-sponsor), when I got to be on a 5-member panel of Derry NH residents interviewing Candidates. None of the "Big Guns" showed up, so it was Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, B-1 Bob Dornan and Alan Keyes (the 7-8-9th polling Republicans that year).

I get to show up on local-access cable on a regular basis (2x a week plus repeats) as a Town Councilor and Planning Board member here in Derry.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH 

rogerkirk@ttlc.net wrote:
> A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>Bob was talking today about his first time on 
>radio, I believe as a teenager.  I've got Bob 

If we include Television and don't require that
said person actually uttered a coherent sentence,
then my son Kevin (late of KZEL in OR) may qualify. 
When I worked for Channel 2, they were taping
a series called Dr. Turtle's Babies.  They asked
for an employee with a child 10-12 months old
and Kevin was perfect.  So, he was featured in a 
scene where they contrasted babies at different 
ages i.e. newborn and one year.  The doctor noted 
that a one-year old was capable of standing up 
with help. Holding his hands, Kevin stood up and 
grinned - right on cue.  If only we had a video 
tape of that show.  Alas, WGBH has destroyed all 
copies of old shows like that.  

Roger "Proud Papa" Kirk