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"LQ" Update......(was :Longwave station "LQ")

     I have contacted the FAA regarding
non-directional beacon (NDB) station "LQ" (382
kHz/Lynnfield, MA).  The station was taken out of
service last week for technical improvements and
should return to the air at a later date.  The
Transcribed Weather Information Broadcasts (better
known as "TWIB's" are still be available from "TUK"
(194 kHz/Nantucket) as both "LQ" and "TUK" get the
same feed from Connecticut).
     So.... "LQ" is down but most assuredly not "out".
 That 100 watt beacon will live to see another day!!


--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Well, that would certainly be it...as I was working
> at
> the time at a certain discount store offering "Good
> Stuff Cheap" on the Lynnway, right across from the
> G.E.! And yes maybe it was "dit-DUH-dit-dit
> DUH-DUH-dit-DUH"!
> The only Morse Code I know is "SOS" :)
> --- Brian Vita <brian_vita@cssinc.com> wrote:
> > The actual transmitter is located at the Lynnway
> > entrance to GE.  You can
> > see the longwire there.  It's co-located with a
> > fan marker that is now
> > more commonly used to mark the location.
> > > Are you sure it may not have been
> "dit-DUH-dit-dit
> > DUH-DUH-dit-DUH"? For
> > > that is indeed "LQ" in Morse.

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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