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Re: "LQ" Update......(was :Longwave station "LQ")

This is not the first time in the past year that LQ has been down for
maintenance or upgrading. They were off for an extended period last
fall, longer than they've been off the air now.

If TUK (194 kHz) is once again carrying TWIB info, that's news to me.
They recently spent an entire year broadcasting nothing but open
carrier. In recent months, they have returned with a new code identifier
tone, but still no TWIB.

Also on a longwave note... while riding my bicycle a couple of Sundays
ago, I discovered the former transmitting tower for DKO, which operated
at 352 kHz from the old Fort Devens air field. This beacon was
decommissioned in the mid '90's along with the army base. The tower is
still standing (I'd say it's a 50 footer) as well as the concrete
transmitter building, but of course the transmitter is long gone. 

Peter George wrote:
>      I have contacted the FAA regarding
> non-directional beacon (NDB) station "LQ" (382
> kHz/Lynnfield, MA).  The station was taken out of
> service last week for technical improvements and
> should return to the air at a later date.  The
> Transcribed Weather Information Broadcasts (better
> known as "TWIB's" are still be available from "TUK"
> (194 kHz/Nantucket) as both "LQ" and "TUK" get the
> same feed from Connecticut).
>      So.... "LQ" is down but most assuredly not "out".
>  That 100 watt beacon will live to see another day!!
> 73,
> -Pete
> --- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Well, that would certainly be it...as I was working
> > at
> > the time at a certain discount store offering "Good
> > Stuff Cheap" on the Lynnway, right across from the
> > G.E.! And yes maybe it was "dit-DUH-dit-dit
> > DUH-DUH-dit-DUH"!
> >
> > The only Morse Code I know is "SOS" :)
> >
> > --- Brian Vita <brian_vita@cssinc.com> wrote:
> >
> > > The actual transmitter is located at the Lynnway
> > > entrance to GE.  You can
> > > see the longwire there.  It's co-located with a
> > UHF
> > > fan marker that is now
> > > more commonly used to mark the location.
> > > > Are you sure it may not have been
> > "dit-DUH-dit-dit
> > > DUH-DUH-dit-DUH"? For
> > > > that is indeed "LQ" in Morse.
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