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First time on the air

Bob was talking today about his first time on radio, I believe as a 
teenager.  I've got Bob beat.  On Columbus Day 1953, when I was 8 years 
old, my father took me to WBZ, where there was live radio program with a 
studio audience called the "'BZ Open House."  Dick Tucker was the host, 
sitting at a desk on stage.  Other cast members included Lindy Miller, 
whom I recognized from having seen him on television.  At one point in the 
program, a female vocalist (Her name was "Marilyn.") was in the audience 
with a hand-microphone singing a song.  Apparently, she saw me and decided 
I was a cute kid and started singing right at me.

When she finished, Dick Tucker said, "Get the name of that kid you were 
singing to."  She put the mike in front of me, and I said my name.  "Who's 
that with you, your friend?" said Dick Tucker.

I replied, "My father."  Tucker said, "Well, your father is your friend, 
isn't he?"  I agreed.  He finished with, "Well, come again sometime," and 
I replied that I hoped I could.

And that was my first time on the radio.  A day or so later, my 
grandfather told me that he had heard me.

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