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Re: Jim Baker

Yes, Baker was known to write negatively about WEEI,
including referring to Ordway as "The Big Zero".
It's possible that whatever spat WEEI and Baker had
with each other may have started with one party 
disparaging the other somehow, and from there it
kept going and going.

There's also a dispute going on between the Globe
and WEEI, as the Globe has banned its reporters from
a couple WEEI shows, as they apparently object to
the content...however WEEI has pointed out that
the Globe's Dan Shaughnessy has regularly appeared
on WTKK's Mike Barnicle show. They imply that if
the Globe has such high standards, why are they
allowing Dan to appear on a show hosted by a fired,
disgraced Globe scribe (fired for repeated plagiarism,
ironically enough; the same charge which supposedly
has doomed Baker...)
--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> In the past, Baker has been involved in some pretty
> long-running disputes with WEEI hosts (Andelman,
> Ordway). While he has been criticized in the past by
> said personalities for shoddy reporting, Baker
> usually gets his call letters straight (unlike other
> media reporters in this city).
> -Sean

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