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Re: Jim Baker

--- "Bob Nelson...WMWM" <bobonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yes, Baker was known to write negatively about WEEI,
> including referring to Ordway as "The Big Zero".
> It's possible that whatever spat WEEI and Baker had
> with each other may have started with one party 
> disparaging the other somehow, and from there it
> kept going and going.

With Entercom Boston practically in bed with the Herald(big
WEEI and WRKO accounts), do you think it would be good
business to have someone in-house like Baker harpooning 'EEI hosts
on a weekly basis? 

I thought the guy was a total hypocrite. When Imus was heard on 'EEI,
Baker referred to his show as foul-mouthed garbage. Since
Imus landed on 'TKK, he never ever brought him up again. If Baker
truly had a specific moral agenda he'd be still going after Imus wouldn't
you think?! But, his target was obviously WEEI, its management and on-air staffers.


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