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Re: Garage vs. cheeseburger? (a radio history lesson)

The BPL sound archives collections have extinct Boston
radio stations' specimen broadcasts, air checks and
other materials that are the Boston radio history we
write about in this forum, Joseph Pappalardo!

You can leave your own personal collections of recorded
broadcasts, air checks and other radio materials with
the lib's sound archives for other amateur historians
to use.

Does Cinema Service & Supply offer movie theater
refreshments Brian Vita !

By the way, beside the local radio broadcasting sound
archives at BPL there are the incredible cinema motion
sound tracks and moving picture archives at BPL part of
which are in the BPL sound archives department
separately from the circulating collections of BPL
audiovisual department

Reconsider and ask for more information I have
compiled. Even consider your participating in the long
range planning for an improved BPL Cinematheque. The
old lecture hall technology is to be revamped.Public
input, feedback, comment and ideas before the bid goes
out would provide public library officials with better
more up to date state of the art details for a state of
the art Cinematheque.

oo__ dWs

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