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Re: Garage vs. cheeseburger? (a radio history lesson)

> Readers can even take the trouble to comment
> negatively instead of using the same efforts writing
> about their own ideas enthusiastically, if that is
> their bag.

Or they can write endlessly about the BPL...if that's they're bag.

Or better yet, give out BPL staffers email addresses with the hopes that
others on the list will pester them too!

(If the BPL has anything to do with Boston Radio.....I haven't seen it yet.)

> The difficulty is that too many have in their head
> broadcasting's linear algorithm only instead of
> the flexibility of this very medium's technology

What too many people have in their head is that they can do whatever they
want on a mailing list, regardless of the focus of the list, or the concerns
of the other subscribers

Thanks!  No original ideas here...that ain't my bag.

JP  :-)

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