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Re: Garage vs. cheeseburger? (a radio history lesson)

It's of interest flacking our Regional and
Massachusetts Library of Last Recourse City of Boston
Public Library Ed Fenninger sound archives Department
because they have a number of historic recording
devices and radio devices that need authentic

Authentic restoration of our BPL's recording devices
and radio devices could make it easier for transferring
and transcribing the lib's sound archives collections
historic recordings.

For further details, contact our BPL Board's
Berthe' Gaines c/o Jamie McGlone  BPL Board Clerk

or our BPL Board Collections Committee's Bill Taylor

Note: Our, as in our communities constituencies' public

Others of you folks out there might like to follow up
and check out Tom Amirian's own personal broadcast
recordings of Boston Symphony Orchestra's many many
years of broadcasts,

I ask with concern for the preservation of BSO
broadcasts that might be missing or not completely
intact in BSO's own collections. Interviews and other
segments of the broadcasts might backed up from the
Amirian archive.

All the best!
oo__ dWs
     tel. 661.9650  voice/fax

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