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Re: Garage vs. cheeseburger? (a radio history lesson)

There are software features to deal with getting to
more interesting messages from other more interesting
people and matters of greater priority like
1. Next
2. Delete
3. Filter Out
4. Filter to a file

No other participants even need know thereby allowing
people to use their energies in writing about their own
interests for others' enthusiastic comments
similarly. The technology of the medium we're using
isn't linear like a broadcast. The medium allows every
participant to be read or not as the reader
prefers. Readers can even take the trouble to comment
negatively instead of using the same efforts writing
about their own ideas enthusiastically, if that is
their bag.

For example, The Christopher Lydon Show
doesn't have to be relegated to a particular hour of a
particular day because the technology of the medium
we're using permits people to interact with his special
guest over a term like a week or month or two.

This has been done before on the net. It can be superb
compared to possibly missing the set hour
on the set day.

The difficulty is that too many have in their head
broadcasting's linear algorithm only instead of
the flexibility of this very medium's technology
we use for list server forums like