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Re: Senior Demographic Ad Report

Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>> Still true:  Advertisers don't want 55+ demos.  And even when all the
>>boomers reach 55+, advertisers still wont be interested despire larger
>>From watching my own parents...once someone reaches retirement (55/65+) they
>appear to stop buying things.  They make their cars last longer...they have
>bought most of the furniture they need.  (Ever been to a furniture store?
>See anyone 55+ there?)  Stopped buying clothes for kids.  They don't buy the
>$4.00 Latte' at Starbucks. (Take a look next time!)  They stop buying on
>credit.  They buy less food when their kids are grown and out of the house.
>They stop buying sporting equipment.

But how much of this is generational, as opposed to age-related?  This is a
chapter that has yet to be written.  At any point in their lives boomers
have been much more free-spending than their parents, I seriously doubt
that turning 55, 65 or whatever is gonna change deep-seated habits.
Granted, once you hit a certain age, one stops being as influenced by fads
(whatever is this week's hip designer clothes, for example) but in most
people that point occurs by their 30s, not their 50s.  Despite this, WBZ
and WZLX far outbill Jam'n...someone must think spending reaching money on
older demos is worthwhile.