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RE: Londonderry Pirate drawn and quartered

The pirate didn't belong there, and if he felt that he was immune from
prosecution... he was wrong. If enough folks did that, there would be chaos
across the dials. I don't recall from the posts if this was causing any
interfernce. If so, then he needed to be silenced all the more. 

Good work, John B, you should be proud of your actions. I think I understand
how Sven feels too. There's a time and place for (most) everything, but
pirates generally disrupt good order and dicipline on the bands. 

Ron Gitschier
WGSR QSL Manager
Jacksonville, FL
Formerly Lowell, MA

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> On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 brouder@juno.com wrote:
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> > Kudos to John Bolduc who did a lot of detective work on this; the FCC is
> > aware of his efforts and appreciative.
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> > Ed Brouder, Chairman
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> Well....I hope he's happy for being a stoolie.  As for the guy running the
> station, hope he pops up on another frequency just for spite.  This time,
> I hope the guy's more careful, though.
> YEah yeah...I know I'm gonna get flamed. :)
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> Sven F. Weil