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Re: A Star is Born?

Trouble is most of these stations save for WERS, don't have such a large
signal coverage area,
so even your proposed network probably wouldn't be as good signal coverage
Lydon and Co., as WBUR was.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)
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> Can you envision a network of stations like WMFO, WBRS, WMWM, and WMBR or
> WERS becoming the Boston-area affiliates for Lydon's show? I don't think
> that would fly either. Sounds like the perfect example of trying to herd
> cats. Maybe there IS room for ABFR in the network. Heck, why not WJIB for
> the nighttime rebroadcast? There's more intelligence in 30 seconds of
> than in a whole week of WRKO (or in 10 years of Howie). I think Bob
> ought to pick up Provizer's lead and put out his own press release
> to air Lydon's program commercial-free nightly from 8:00 to 10:00 PM for,
> say, a 2% interest in Lydon's company. Bob should emphasize that, during
> June and July, the first 15 minutes of the program would rach the entire
> Boston area via WJIB's full 250W signal (once Bob corrects his technical
> problem). I mean, this IS about free enterprise, isn't it? Naah; whenever
> someone says it's not about the money, it's about the money.