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Re: Pro- and anti-abortion

Joseph Pappalardo writes:

>BTW...Which paper is "your paper"?
The Record-Journal, Meriden, CT. 

>As an aside, many would correct your
> thinking above and say that the essence
> of the issue is "life"...and those who
> believe in the "right to life"....as in one
> of the things that all are enowed by the
> creator.

Those on one side of the argument would agree whole-heartedly. Those on
the other side would not. The fact is that abortion -- a specific
procedure --  is at the center of the debate. It's not about
miscarriage, still birth, the death penalty or anything else that takes
(or prevents, depending on your definition) human life. I stand by our

>Again, my premise is that you call people
> by the name they chose to be identified
> with.

Again, the labels chosen by _both_ sides contain positive spin. We're
just trying to go right down the middle on this. I'd hope that would
satisfy both sides, but if it upsets both instead, we've still done our


PS-- The standard disclaimer here would go "These opinions are my own
and do not reflect those of my employer," but this actually is our copy
desk policy.