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Re: A Star is Born?

Well, I have to hand it to Provizer for a good tongue-in-cheek parody on the
situation, and I love the proposed program name, but I think I place a
little more credence in the report that Lydon's new home base will be WNYC.
If he chooses to do so, Lydon could still originate his show from Boston,
even with a New York station as the "originator."

Christo may have demonstrated that Lydon isn't essential to The Connection,
but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Christo try to
duke it out with WNYC? She has the NPR contract, but WNYC apparently has
Lydon and thus may wind up with the affiliate list, either using PRI to
syndicate Lydon or creating an ad-hoc network of public radio stations. This
would leave Jane with a 100% interest in a worthless asset (AKA a
liability). From what I hear, it couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Minnesota Public Radio has stations _far_ from the midwest. Isn't KPPC in
Pasadena owned by MPR? MPR might just be spoiling to get into the
syndication business and might take on the chore if WNYC doesn't want the

For Boston listeners, the question is whether any local station will clear
Lydon's show. Since it seems most unlikely that Christo will allow Lydon
back on her airwaves (yeah, yeah, I know that WBUR isn't technically
hers--but that appears to be just a techicality), I guess the best deal for
listeners would be if WGBH-FM were to carry the live feed and WUMB carried
the prime-time rebroadcast. I don't think there is much likelihood of that
coming to fruition, though. Imagine the howls of protest from the listeners
to whatever is currently on WGBH-FM from 10:00 AM to noon and on WUMB et al
from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (or 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM if that turned out to be
better for the station).

Can you envision a network of stations like WMFO, WBRS, WMWM, and WMBR or
WERS becoming the Boston-area affiliates for Lydon's show? I don't think
that would fly either. Sounds like the perfect example of trying to herd
cats. Maybe there IS room for ABFR in the network. Heck, why not WJIB for
the nighttime rebroadcast? There's more intelligence in 30 seconds of Lydon
than in a whole week of WRKO (or in 10 years of Howie). I think Bob Bittner
ought to pick up Provizer's lead and put out his own press release offering
to air Lydon's program commercial-free nightly from 8:00 to 10:00 PM for,
say, a 2% interest in Lydon's company. Bob should emphasize that, during
June and July, the first 15 minutes of the program would rach the entire
Boston area via WJIB's full 250W signal (once Bob corrects his technical
problem). I mean, this IS about free enterprise, isn't it? Naah; whenever
someone says it's not about the money, it's about the money.


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From: Mark Shneyder <bostonradio@yahoo.com>
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Date: Saturday, March 03, 2001 9:32 PM
Subject: A Star is Born?

>FYI...Does this mean that Lydon will now own a piece of ABFR? :)
>Feel free to re-distribute...
>From: stephen provizer <improv@speakeasy.net>
>Subject: Press Release: Lydon on Free Radio?
>Press Release
>Contact: Stephen Provizer
>Members of Allston-Brighton Free Radio are inviting Christopher Lydon to
>apply for a time slot on that radio station, the successor to Radio Free
>Allston. Because he is a public affairs-oriented host, Lydon's application
>would be given priority over popular music shows, which are readily
>available elsewhere on the radio dial.
>As an unpaid volunteer, Lydon would be making less than he did in his
>former job. However, Lydon's A-B Free Radio program would never be
>interrupted for underwriting announcements, nor would he be asked to
>participate in onerous and tedious on-air fundraising campaigns. Lydon
>would also be free to call the program whatever he likes, although "It's
>Our Cotton" has been suggested as a possibility.
>Like all the other 55 hosts at the station, Lydon would be asked to
>volunteer to help out either with the steering committee, the benefits
>committee or, as seems more fitting given his experience, to join the A-B
>Free news staff. As such, he would be able to get instruction on
>interviewing techniques, the use of the minidisc player and audio editing.
>A-B Free Radio broadcasts at 1630 and 1670 AM and while our broadcast range
>is restricted to about a mile, our webcast at www.abfreeradio.org would
>allow Lydon's program to be heard throughout the world. Also, we are in the
>process of installing a third transmitter, in order to extend our coverage
>in the Kelton St./Commonwealth Ave. section of Allston.
>The much-traveled Lydon has in the past been condescending and perjorative
>toward the concept of free radio, once suggesting to the founder of A-B
>Free Radio, Stephen Provizer, that he open up the radio station in AMVETS,
>a used clothing store in Allston. However, members of the station are
>confident that Lydon's recent experience with public radio and any
>reality-testing he does with commercial radio will help to change his
>attitude towards the importance of community radio.
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