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Re: Pro- and anti-abortion

> At my paper, the style is "anti-abortion" for the self-described
> "pro-lifers," "pro-abortion rights" for the self-described
> "pro-choicers," the reason being that the issue is abortion rights, not
> "life" or "choice,"

The way a paper chooses to define the issue shows it's editorial
perspective...which is fine and what editorials are for.  Just don't say
that your paper is  "fair and balanced" if your loaded partisan words find
there way into the reporting.

BTW...Which paper is "your paper"?

As an aside, many would correct your thinking above and say that the essence
of the issue is "life"...and those who believe in the "right to life"....as
in one of the things that all are enowed by the creator.  (But again, the
substance of the argument is not at issue...it's one's choice of words.)

Again, my premise is that you call people by the name they chose to be
identified with.

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