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Re: Yiddish recordings. Jewish broadcasts

In a message dated 3/3/01 1:41:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, kc1ih@yahoo.com 

<< Besides Chagigah 8-11am Sundays WERS-FM 88.9 MHz,
 > when would there be any broadcasters on Boston
 > area radio
 > with material for listeners interested in Yiddish,
 > Jewish, etc. culture?... >>

I am quite surprised that there is no Jewish programming on any commercial 
Boston-area stations, as far as I know.  (Maybe WUNR at one time had some?)   
Anyone remember Chuck Bloom's "Oy Vey, It's Sunday!" program on 
WBET-1460-Brockton for many years.  Don't think its still on though.   A 
well-produced interesting show.