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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

I don't know what labels the American Nazi Party or the Ku Klux Klan use to
characterize themselves. My guess is that each refers to itself with a
phrase such as "an organization of patriotic Americans." Do you think it
would be appropriate to use such a label to describe The American Nazi Party
or the Ku Klux Klan in a posting to the group? I don't. Why then should I be
constrained to use Operation Rescue's self-serving characterizations of
itself in my postings?

Before you deride my questions as frivolous, irrelevant, or hypothetical,
remember that only about a year ago there was quite a flap when Missouri
Public Radio (I think that was the network) refused to accept a donation
from the KKK. Accepting the donation would have required running
underwriting credits from the KKK, which had contributed to the network with
the idea of embarassing it by forcing it to mention the KKK as an
underwriter. The KKK took the network to court, I think on the grounds that
the network's refusal of the donation violated the KKK's right of free
expression. I don't remember who won the case, but my point is that
discussions of this sort can be relevant to the purpose of the list.


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>At 2:42 PM -0500 3/3/01, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>>No...you CAN mention ANY group......by the name they wish to be
>>called...without the editorializing with terms like "self-proclaimed" or
>>Also a discussion about showing respect for individuals who might not
>>the same philosophy.
>>I doubt that we all share the same politcal philosophies....so why
>>needlessly send out barbs.  (Which no one joined this list for.)
>>We ARE all here because of our common interest in radio and the
>>and exchanges about it
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