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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

Joe: You have made a reasoned and rather eloquent argument. However, I think
it is flawed. Most people on the so-called pro-life side are scarcely
pro-life. People who oppose women's right of reproductive choice almost
universally favor capital punishment. Calling such people pro-life sticks in
my craw because it's a falsehood, just as calling me pro-abortion would be a
falsehood. I wanted to identify Operation Rescue. Had I worded my posting
"the so-called pro-life Operation Rescue" or "Operation Rescue, an
origanization that calls itself pro-life," I think my phrasing would have
drawn negative comments from the same people. And if I had said "the
self-proclaimed pro-life Operation Rescue," I think the reactions would have
been even stronger. So, carried to its logical extreme, your approach would
prohibit mentions on the list of any group that espouses a controversial
cause, even in postings whose subjects are appropriate to the list. Is that
the outcome you really want?

I find it interesting that this has turned into a debate on political
correctness, with me, the so-called liberal (I consider myself a moderate,
not a liberal) on the anti-PC side and those who most likely call themselves
conservatives on the PC side.


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>> So what if Dan said "anti-choice?"  Just because that is how he chose to
>look at it does not mean he's "politicizing" this list.
>It was a word chosen to 'stick it' to anyone who might be part of the
>pro-life movement...and had no purpose except to express his need to extol
>his own politics.