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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

> So, carried to its logical extreme, your approach would
> prohibit mentions on the list of any group that espouses a controversial
> cause, even in postings whose subjects are appropriate to the list. Is
> the outcome you really want?

No...you CAN mention ANY group......by the name they wish to be
called...without the editorializing with terms like "self-proclaimed" or

>  I find it interesting that this has turned into a debate on political
> correctness...

Rather into a debate about politeness and the manner of discourse in public

Also a discussion about showing respect for individuals who might not share
the same philosophy.

I doubt that we all share the same politcal philosophies....so why
needlessly send out barbs.  (Which no one joined this list for.)

We ARE all here because of our common interest in radio and the discussions
and exchanges about it


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