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89.3 pirate in Beverly?

It's 4 am Fri night (early Sat) as I type this; just
began to pick up a pirate (I think) at 89.3, first
fairly clear on Rt. 128 in Peabody and Danvers,MA and
now VERY clear at my home in Beverly! They have been
playing novelty songs (they tried to play "the
Hamster Dance" but the CD suddenly stopped and
a "DJ" said "did it stop? (expletive deleted)")

Now they're running a horrid woman singer (sort of
like the stuff on "The Annoying Music Show", which
some public stations run). Most likely this is
indeed a pirate, although it's on the same freq
as "WLMK", a flea-powered station I once picked up
which said it was from the Landmark School in
Beverly. Or maybe this is the station Montserrat
College (also in Beverly) was thinking of putting
together (but this station is not exactly flea-
powered...maybe 100 watts!)

Well I'm rolling tape on them now; they're into
a more "college radio" type song. 

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