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Re: non-profit AND commercial radio

As far as I can remember, WMWM was 130 watts when I
first got there in the fall of '80. There were posters
up saying "now 130 watts!" so maybe they had just
gone up to that power in '79 or early '80.

I do have the feeling WUMB's signal is intended for
Boston and the South Shore but it does OK in southern
Essex county (Lynn, Peabody, Saugus, Danvers etc.)
WUMB has 660 watts.

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> Was WMWM Class D when WUMB signed on (c.1982)? If it
> was still 10 watts, I am surprised WMWM was bumped.
> However, I believe that WUMB actually has to protect
> WMWM somewhat in its pattern, leading me to believe
> that WMWM was not Class D at this time. WUMB's stick
> is south of the city, in either Quincy or Milton,
> and while it does radiate north, I don't know if its
> power is enough to go within WMWM's protected
> contour. Of course, I'm not a techie, so I could
> easily be wrong on some of this stuff.

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