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Boston radio's pizza connection

Salem Communications' two Boston properties, WEZE (590) and (pending FCC
approval) WROL (950) have separate _pizza_ connections. When WEZE was WEEI,
it was owned, for quite a few years by Helen Broadcasting, whose principal
owner also owned Papa Gino's. And before WROL was sold to Salem, the
previous owner, Ken Carberry, had inked a deal with Catholic Family Radio.
That deal fell through, but the curious part--in view of WEZE's history--is
that money behind CFR came from Detroit's Charlie Monaghan, the principal
owner of Domino's Pizza and the major source of funds for anti-choice
Operation Rescue.

And before anyone else says it, Salem did pay a lot of dough for the two
stations (if memory serves, about $11 million for each).

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