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Re: Radio grids

On 28 Feb 2001,  Shawn Mamros wrote:

> Radio programming - at least for the commercial stations - doesn't work
> that way.  Most stations follow a given format on a nearly full-time
> basis.  There wouldn't be much to put on a grid, except perhaps for
> the names of the hosts, 

This reminds me of when, in the 1950s and 60s, the old Boston Herald and 
Traveler used to list FM stations in a separate section, with the complete 
broadcast day of each station listed in full under a heading identifying 
the station call letters and frequency.  This was distinct from the 
regular AM listings in tabular format.  The heading of the section was "AM-
FM Stations," apparently because they included WBOS 1600 in that section, 
even before the debut of WBOS-FM.

WCOP-FM was listed in that section when it was running a classical format, 
from about 1960-62.  When they discontinued the classical format and went 
back to simulcasting the AM, they continued to be listed in that section, 
but the listing simply became a list of the names of DJs.  Eventually, 
they added WCOP-AM to the heading.

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