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Re: Re: Expanded band query...?

On 28 Feb 2001,  dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:

> The AM band was extended from 1500 to 1600 on, I 
> believe, March 31 1941, the effective date of NARBA,

I believe it was earlier.  I have a book, =Rebel in Radio= by Elliot M. 
Sanger, which is a history of WQXR in New York.  It says that the station 
began as an experimental station, W2XR, in December 1935, at 1550.  It got 
a commercial license as WQXR in 1936.  The book mentions that the 
broadcast band had been extended to 1600 only a few years earlier, so that 
at first the station had trouble getting listeners.

> I don't know when the US AM band was extended downward 
> to 540 kHz. It may have been as late as the 60s. 

I have a 1935-vintage radio in which the band markings start at 55.  I'm 
quite sure the band wasn't expanded before within my memory.

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