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Re: Radio grids

TV grids work because TV programming, by and large, consists of separate,
distinct shows of varying duration (almost always some multiple of 30
minute increments these days).

Radio programming - at least for the commercial stations - doesn't work
that way.  Most stations follow a given format on a nearly full-time
basis.  There wouldn't be much to put on a grid, except perhaps for
the names of the hosts, but it seems more and more stations are putting
less and less emphasis on the individual hosts (most of whom, at least
on the music stations, have very little say in what gets played anyway
- those decisions get made by the music and/or program director).

I suppose some talk stations might benefit from a grid, if the different
talk hosts actually do different sorts of talk shows.  I wouldn't be a
good judge of that, though - to me, they all sound the same.

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu