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Re: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild wrote:
>Friday evening I happened to hear The Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up".
>Was that just a fluke, or is WROR maybe extending their reach into
>the 80s?

Since WROR is becoming basically a "Classic Rock Lite" format (this week),
it only makes sense to play big Classic Rock hits that don't quite fit into
a particular decade.  The Stones' early 80s songs are CR staples.  I doubt
many listeners keep their Whitburn books handy to "keep them honest".

then Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:
>And while we're talking decades, ever notice how some oldies stations (like
>WODS) have added more 70s stuff and just about
>gotten rid of the 50s? With the exception of some
>earlier Elvis, I think WODS is sticking to music
>starting early 60s up till the advent of disco. So stations
>like WODS may be saying "see you later alligator"
>to the "Happy Days" sound...

This is a trend that's been going on for quite a while now.  For the most
part, the people who care about 50's music are out of the so-called "money
demo" (ie 25-54).  I'm on the high end of that demo myself, and I frankly
don't care all that much for 50s oldies, indeed too much pre-1962 is a tune
out factor...even one doo wop song and I'm gone!  My guess is that I'm not
alone.  I remember a time (up until the mid-late 80s) that the opposite was
true...the focus was pre-British Invasion-era.  1964-69 tunes were
secondary, and you never heard anything from the 70s except maybe "Joy To
The World" (yuk).